When you'll find yourself facing 3 red blocks and a column of spikes on your right (and a blue block above you), DO NOT JUMP ON THE LEFT RED BLOCK. This causes you to get stuck and restart the game. You don't want that !


Help Gray freeing the colors, held in boxes by Black and White ! As you free them, they will help you find the others. Will you be able to thwart Black and White's evil traps ? Do you have the nerves, the patience and the reflexes to become the Rainbow's saviour ?

Rough translation of in-game texts :

  • RED: Red blocks makes you jump to a precise location !
  • ORANGE: Press space to jump !
  • YELLOW: Touch a yellow platform to activate it !
  • GREEN: Run on green platforms to swing them !
  • BLUE: Blue blocks are tunnels !
  • VIOLET: Violet circles are teleporters !



Aidez Gray à libérer les couleurs, retenues prisonnières dans les boîtes de Noir et Blanc ! Une fois libres, elles vous aideront à retrouver les autres. Serez-vous capable de déjouer les pièges de Noir et Blanc ? Avez-vous les nerfs, la patience et les réflexes pour devenir le sauveur de l'Arc-en-Ciel ?

Published Jun 28, 2017
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Arcade, Difficult, minigames, Minimalist

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